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News: 4th Session of Prospering Popular Science Writing in Support of Innovation and Development Serial Salons Held


2018-07-06 10:48

To prosper popular science writing and build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between popular science writers, Beijing Science Writers Association held a salon on Approach to Three-in-one Model of Scientists, Popular Science Writers, and Science Journalists, Editors and Publishers - Popular Science Writing at the Science and Technology Building of TusPark, representing the 4th session in a series of salons on Prospering Popular Science Writing in Support of Innovation and Development under the auspices of China Science Writers Association.

Site of the salon

During the activity, a total of 5 winners of the National Science and Technology Progress Awards and assessors of popular science writing discussed and shared about how scientists, popular science writers, and science journalists, editors and publishers formed integrally collaborative writing teams, their respective roles, and how various links of popular science writing were advanced effectively.

Yan Jun, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Beijing Science Writing Association, presided over the salon, during which Cui Lijuan, Vice Chairman of the 7th Council of the Chinese Science Writers Association and Chief Expert on Science Communication of the National Wetland Discipline, delivered A Talk about Scientific Research and Popular Science Writing, Yin Chuanhong, Editor-in-chief of Popular Science Times and Deputy Secretary-General of China Science Writers Association, lectured on Exploring More Abundant Forms of Popular Science Manifestation—With the Practice of Popular Science Times Since Its Inception 6 Months ago as A Case, and Lin Jujia, former Director, Editor-in-chief and Party Secretary of China Agricultural Science and Technology Publishing House spoke on Operational Mechanisms underlying Cooperation between the Three Parties. Besides, other speeches were Creation of Black Boxes by Chen Xiaodong, former chief engineer and senior engineer of some institute of the Armed Police Force, and Three Principles that Science Editors Should Follow during Popular Science Writing by Bi Ying, Senior Editor from People’s Posts and Telecommunications Press, respectively.

After the speeches by the 5 guests, the participants were engaged in full interactions and exchanges under a lively atmosphere.

Some members of China Science Writers Association and Beijing Science Writing Association, relevant personnel from Beijing Development Center for Popular Science, publishing agencies and media, etc. attended the salon, which was co-organized actively by Popular Science Times, Beijing Sci-Tech Report, Democracy & Science, Beijing Development Center for Popular Science, and TusStar Cafe.

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