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[News] The 2nd Session of the 6th Tianjin Science Writers’ Association Member Congress Held


2019-10-15 09:50

On October 11, the 2nd Session of the Tianjin Science Writers’ Association (hereafter, the Association) Member Congress was held at the Tianjin Science and Technology Museum. Chen Niannian, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director and Researcher of the Science and Technology Committee of the Research Institute of Physical and Chemical Engineering of Nuclear Industry, Lu Shuangying, party member and Vice Chair of the Tianjin Science and Technology Association, and Researcher Chen Ling, Secretary-general of the China Science Writers Association (CSWA), attended the session and delivered speeches, with more than 60 members of the Association present.

The session, in accordance with the regulations, elected Academician Chen Niannian Chairman of the Association, reviewed and approved the Working Systems of the Tianjin Science Writers’ Association and the Financial Management Systems of the Tianjin Science Writers’ Association, and established the Medical Science Creation Committee. On behalf of the CSWA, the Secretary-general Chen Ling congratulated the newly elected association chairman and expressed her gratitude for the support of the Association.

Vice Chair Lu Shuangying pointed out in his speech that the all-round science popularization vigorously promoted by the Tianjin Municipality currently has pointed out the direction for science creation under the new era, and that the Association, as a group organization under the leadership of CPC, should continue to give play to the excellent work style of building of the Association through party building; he also stressed that the Association should, guided by the philosophy of serving the people and led by the new chairman, unite the strength of all directors and members in continuing to build a bigger and stronger member team and create more and better science works for both the motherland and the people.

Academician Chen Niannian delivered a speech after his election, expressing his gratitude to the Association’s board of directors and all its members for their trust and support & his willingness to strengthen exchanges with and learning from all members of the Association and lead the Association to make continuous progress and innovations in science creation. He emphasized that science popularization is a great undertaking that constitutes the foundation of improving the scientific literacy of the people, and hoped that the Association would, under the leadership of CPC, focus on popular science creation, building popular science creation services, vigorous inclusion of members and making the writers team of the Association bigger.

The delegates were involved in extensive exchanges and discussions on popular science creation during the session. It was unanimously agreed that this session was a grand meeting in the field of science popularization in Tianjin, that the Association had provided a good platform for communication among science writers in Tianjin, and that science writers must give full play to their respective advantages and, under the unified leadership of the Association, make recommendations to the Association, thereby making due contributions to science popularization in Tianjin.

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