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[News] The 2nd Advanced Workshop of Science Communication Expert Teams for 2019 Successfully Held


2019-12-13 21:29

The 2nd advanced workshop of science communication expert teams for 2019 was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province on December 6-7. The workshop, which was hosted by the Department of Science Popularization, China Association for Science and Technology, organized by CSWA, and co-organized by the Center for Marine Science Research under Ocean University of China and China Ocean University Press, lasted 1.5 days. The workshop included a total of three sections: keynote reports, themed exchanges between chief experts and team members, and on-site teaching, drawing nearly 50 chief experts and team members from various societies across China.

The 2nd advanced workshop of science communication expert teams for 2019

Influential science communication experts shared their experiences at the invitation, with a view to inspiring the thinking of science communication and improve the ability of science popularization. The keynote reports were delivered by front-line scientists, senior media experts, and popular science communication practitioners. Professor Zhao Jinping from Ocean University of China, Song Leyong, deputy general manager of Guangming Online, Gu Linsheng, academic director of the Center for Research and Training of “5.12” Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster Responses under the Party School of Sichuan Committee of C.P.C., Wu Ou, deputy editor-in-chief of Guokr, professor Ye Sheng from Beihang University, Wei Hongxiang, Assistant to Director of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and associate researcher, etc. delivered themed reports entitled Popular Science on the Arctic Pole - Social Mobilizing Role of Popular Science, Media Convergence Dissemination in the Age of Intelligent Media, Updates in Popular Science on Safety Education on Disaster Prevention in Japan and Their Enlightenment, Frenemy: Scientists and Media in This Decade, Love and Hatred of the Three Ke-surnamed Brothers, and How to Guide scientists to Engage in Popular Science, etc. Yang Limin, head of the China Ocean University Press, and Li Honglin, associate researcher from the China Research Institute for Science Popularization, chaired the first and second half reporting and exchanges, respectively. In addition, the attendees of the workshop went to the Qingdao Shell Museum, a state marine science education base, for on-site teaching and practice exchanges.

During the workshop, experts from different disciplines were engaged in active interactions and in-depth exchanges on the common topic How to Do a Good Job in Science Communication. Feeling the workshop fully rewarding, they expressed that they would actively apply what they had learned from this workshop to practices of science communication, and hoped that there would be more opportunities for learning and exchanges in the future.

This workshop not only improved the understanding and skills of experts and members for science communication from multiple dimensions and promoted the communication between chief experts and members among different teams, but also inspired the enthusiasm for science and the sense of mission in science communication experts. It is anticipated that science communication experts and teams would, with their own science popularization practices, help citizens improve their scientific literacy and contribute to realization of an innovative country.

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