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Miraculous Summer

Ma Chuansi

2019-05-09 21:21

Published: March, 2018

The youngster A Xing had always been curious about the fleeting light on Mountain Wuling, while no one could give an answer. After a low-intensity earthquake, his classmates and A Xing went to explore the savage ditch in Mountain Wuling and brought back a dying baby tiger. At this point, bizarre things began to occur one after another. The golden eagle hovering over the city, the saber-toothed tiger in the yard, the mysterious girl in weird clothes, and the ancient giant beast placodermi…

Would A Xing be in danger? How did these people and animals from the ancient times appear here? What was the relationship between them and the bizarre backgrounds of grandmother Hera? As A Xing stepped closer to the truth, a bigger secret appeared in front of him: the girl turned out to be related to a war of civilizations that had lasted tens of thousands of years…

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